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HYD-9998 Super Neutral Structural Silicone Sealant


HYD-9998 Super Neutral Structural Silicone Sealant

Single component, neutral solidification, high adhesion, medium and high modulus, possessing the ability of strong resistance for displacement.
Product Characteristics
1.Single component, neutral solidification, high adhesion, medium and high modulus, possessing the ability of strong resistance for displacement.
2.It can get the excellent adhesive seal characteristic easily against most of construction materials without bottom coating, with good extension and water-sealing performance. Sealant after solidification, It will keep good elastic performance between -4℃-150℃ and will not cause hardening or crack.
3.The products formed to elastomer of cold resistant, hot resistant and non corrosion after solidification, with good weather resistance, anti aging, anti ultraviolet rays, ozone resistance and anti low and high temperature, no pollution to the environment.
4.With good compatibility to other products of our company.
Main Function
1.Glass curtain wall, stone materials (marble, granite) curtain wall, aluminum plate curtain and other structural installation seal of metal structural engineering.
2.Suitable for the wrong and right butt between glass, two bonded seal of lighting roof, insulating glass.
3.Seal and bond of high rise building and industrial applications.
4.Suitable for design of engineering curtain wall of semi hiding frame and full hiding frame and other kinds of construction and industrial seal.
Construction Summary
1.It not suitable for surface of substance that leaking of grease, plastifier or dissolvant.
2.Not suitable for airtight space or direct touching the food or drinking water.
3.The surface temperature of base material below 4℃ or over 40℃. Not suitable for cary out the work.
4.Unfavorable bonding of copper and copper alloy material.
Safety Notice
1.Construction site of sealant adhesive need to special notice for keeping good ventilate environment.
2.Carelessly if the eye touches the no solidification adhesive, wash with volume water and aide for doctor.
3.The user must carry out the compatibility and bonding strength test before use this product, confirm the adhesive and base materials conform to construction requirements.
4.The company only give guarantee to the products if conform to quality requirements, will not responsible to the losses during use of the products owning to any accident or improper use.
Storage Period
Keep previous seal status and storage below 27℃ at place shadow and dry place, preservation period will be 12 months from date of production.
Standard Conformity 
GB 16776-2005
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