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HYD-8700 Double Components Hollow Glass Of Sillicone Sealant


HYD-8700 Double Components Hollow Glass Of Sillicone Sealant

This strain one-component. Neutral curing, high strength.
Product Characteristics
1.This strain one-component. Neutral curing, high strength.
2.Excellent weather resistant performance, aging resistance, ultraviolet resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance. Silicone Sealant is temperature-resistant property contributes to its waterproof and airtight characteristics even under such serious temperature condition as 40℃-+150℃.It is weather resisting and anti-aging properties will not be degraded under the influence of rain, snow, or longtime being iluminated by ultraviolet ray.
Main Function
This silicone sealant used for the second sealing of the insulating glass.
Using Instructions
1.The material surface contact with the structural adhesive must be clean and dry before the construction.
2.Before smear, mix part A and part B. The user can change the mixing ratioaccording to actual needs to adjusted the curing speed (volume ratio between
3. Can be used for automatic and manual production line of insulating glass.Can be used with butylsealant and also can be used alone.
Construction Summary
1.It not suitable for surface of substance that leaking of grease, plastifier or dissolvant.
2.Not suitable for airtight space, cause it has to curing with the water in the air
3.Not suitable for frosting and or moist of surface of object.
4.Not ftted for long time soaking or damping place in whole year.
Safety Notice
1.It should keep good ventilation at work site.
2.The un solidification structural adhesive inappropriate to direct touch skin in long time, carelessly if touch the eyes, should rinse with volume water, please care doctor if necessary.
3.The user must carry out the compatibility and bonding strength test before use this product, confirm the adhesive and base materials conform to construction requirements.
4.The company only give guarantee to the products if conform to quality requirements, will not responsible to the losses during use of the products owning to any accident or improper use.
Storage Period
Keep previous seal status and storage below 27℃ at place shadow and dry place, preservation period will be 12 months from date of production.
Standard Conformity
GB/T 29755-2013
1.Component A 190L,Component B:19L, 
2.Component A 19L,Component B:350ML/PCS (8PCS/CARTON),
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